EKU Agriculture

Over the next decade there will not be enough agriculture graduates to meet the expected growth in jobs.

Agriculturalists are in great demand because of the big issues confronting the world.

  • Food production and security: The world’s population continues to grow, and people need to eat.
  • Energy production and management: Farms are the site of both energy use and Biofuel production.
  • The environment: Horticulturalists are dedicated to making our environment more pleasant and agriculturalists view the land as an important natural resource.

The Agriculture Department at Eastern Kentucky University has positioned its programs to address these issues.  In addition, we continue to maintain strong programs in Agribusiness Management, Pre-veterinary Medicine and Agriculture Education.

Our programs emphasize Smaller Scale Production, Environmental Stewardship, Efficient Energy Management, Economic Development and Service to the Community.

The Agriculture Department offers degree programs in Agriculture and Horticulture with the following options:

Classes are small, and practical ‘hands on’ experiences compliment most courses. The Department maintains a 720-acre farm, greenhouses, turf plots and a golf hole.  Available co-operative education internships provide the on-the-job experiences that can lead to better employment opportunities.

Agriculture and Horticulture graduates have found success in a wide spectrum of opportunities in agribusiness, government agencies, agriculture education instruction, finance, livestock operations, research, landscaping, sales, floriculture and turf grass management.We are small enough to care for you as an individual but large enough to provide every career opportunity.